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If you've been enjoying the podcast, please pay it forward. When you leave a review, you increase the likelihood that another woman will come across these stories. It takes about two minutes and a small way to give back and show your appreciation for the hard work and effort that goes into making the show possible. See example reviews below! But please add your special touch and let us know how the podcast has more specifically supported you because it helps us understand how we can be most impactful. 

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  1. Go here to the Heroine podcast channel.
  2. Click on the blue View in iTunes button in the left sidebar.
  3. Once you’re there, click on Subscribe, and then Ratings and Reviews.
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    • Note: Another way is to search for the terms “Heroine” once you’re inside the Podcast app.
  2. Hit Subscribe.
  3. Tap the Reviews tab, then on Write a Review.
  4. Enter your iTunes password to login.
  5. Tap the stars to leave a rating, then write your review and tap Send.

Once you leave a review, feel free to email Dani at and let her know that you've done it. If we have any special resources or goodies we can send your way, we will!


Interesting, brave, creative female voices

by Runner897654489 - Jan 2, 2017

This podcast is an incredible way for any female out there pursuing her dreams, her truth, her life to connect to others and who have done and are doing the same. It's inspiring, insightful, and interesting. It gives the creative female experience a voice that is authentic to itself rather than that voice trying to fit into or overturn another narrative. Somehow Majo has been able to capture the essence of this in a way that is empowering, kind, inspiring, and true to the feminine spirit. Very worth a listen! 

Powerful and uplifting women!

by Rosbug – Nov 1, 2016

As a young woman I feel constantly surrounded by stories about famous male CEO's and leaders. It's a huge confidence builder and motivator to hear narratives of struggle and success coming from amazing women from all over the world. Thank you Majo!

5 Hearts

by Kelajanda – Nov 1, 2016

Majo is a lovely soul. Her calling to unite, encourage and share with women is so evident in her work. I found this project as a new manager. It has give me a new perspective on leadership for women, one that serves me much better. The stories have left me crying with a fire in my belly and heart. Majo's advice and journaling prompts have shook me. I'm so grateful to her and her beautiful creation. 


Inspiring and extremely helpful!

by kbraxto – Oct 13, 2016

This podcast is so inspiring and extremely helpful. I love hearing the stories of women who are on separate journeys in life and careers. So many gems of wisdom and solace are found in these stories that have helped me get through my work week. I found inspiration for new rituals, ideas, business approaches and paths. Thank you so much for sharing this gift with the world. 

Majo Molfino delivers

by CourtneyNicoleGrace – Jul 28, 2016

Majo Molfino's podcast is an inspired and well-conceived call to action by women, for women. Majo's stellar moderation skills allow her featured guests' stories to shine, and her short wisdom episodes provide great pick-me-ups with fantastic insight. Get ready for some serious inspiration and introspection with this subscription!

Smart, inspiring, motivated women here

by RhiannonMarieG – Feb 10, 2017

This podcast is my favorite strengthening source of inspiration. The power of vulnerability, the courage to openly share all trials and the ambitions behind each woman really motivates me to keep digging into the path of self discovery. Thank you so much to my sister Majo for this beautiful offering and to each woman who has shared her voice. 

A podcast for the modern woman

by Vanessa Koch – Apr 25, 2016

Upon pressing play, I feel like Majo and I are sipping tea together and sharing wisdom. By surfacing and celebrating incredible stories of diverse women, Majo guides listeners to step into the central role of their own life story. She is inviting us all to join a co-created movement, a collective heroine's journey. Majo takes the tradition of oral storytelling into the modern world.

Exactly what I was looking for in my life!

by Podcast for Women Visionaries – Dec 13, 2016

Majo, thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating such a substance-filled platform for women creatives to share their stories. As a solo entrepreneur trying to find my way and create my dream of living a purpose and having an impact on the world, your podcast is so soothing and refreshing to connect with when I'm having a tough moment. THANK YOU! :) Rock on sista!!

Make time for Majo

by this year's girl – May 8, 2016

I met Majo when attending her 'inner critic' workshop, and continue to make good use of the content regularly. I'm so excited she's extending her coaching practice to include this amazing podcast series, where exceptional guests provoke tender, insightful discussions around these important topics. There are so many podcasts I download and never get around to listening to, but I am making the time for every word of this one - and you should, too!

Addicted to Heroine(s)

by Vivasius – Feb 21, 2017

Two weeks ago, the Heroine podcast accidentally and miraculously appeared in my podcast queue--at just the right time when I really needed some inspiration! Every episode is like being introduced to a new friend who is speaking directly to me. Majo teases out touching and meaningful insights from every interview--each amazing woman seems to say something out loud that I've never had the courage to say about myself. They help give me confidence to refresh my optimistic and authentic self that seems to have been beaten out of me in the last dozen+ years of corporate life. Kudos! I'm telling every friend I know.

Inspirational & Motivating!

by ArianaBautista – Feb 20, 2017

The stories on Heroine helped me better understand that my thoughts and shortcomings aren't just a 'me' thing — all of us are figuring things out. I've had so many fruitful conversations since listening to the podcast and can't wait for more. If anyone is looking for real talk, valuable nuggets of wisdom, and an awesome way to spend their time, I 100% recommend taking a listen.