A Podcast on Women's Creative Leadership

Heroine features the journeys of women creative leaders and risk-takers, focusing on their origins, creativity, and leadership.

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Andréa Mallard

Chief Brand Officer at Omada Health

Formerly at IDEO

Andréa joins Omada Health after 8 years with IDEO where she led the global brand strategy practice as a Design Director in the US and Europe. Her work has been published in Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and more.

Ash Huang

Independent Designer and Writer

Formerly at Pinterest and Twitter

Ash is an independent designer, illustrator and writer. She’s done work for Dropbox, Designer Fund, Pinterest, and Twitter. She is also the recent author of The Firesteel, a modern love story that turns one man's 20s into an epic spanning of centuries.

Elle Luna

Founder at Bulan Project and Artist

Formerly at Mailbox, Uber, IDEO

Elle runs a textile venture, The Bulan Project, and has previously worked as a designer at IDEO and with startups including Mailbox, Medium, and Uber. She speaks to groups around the world about her newly released book, The Crossroads of Should and Must.

Katie Dill

Head of Experience Design at AirBnB

Formerly Frog Design

As the head of AirBnB's Experience Design, Katie leads the interaction and visual design team defining AirBnB’s digital products and services. As Creative Director at Frog Design, she led strategic, multidisciplinary design programs for Fortune 100s including Intel, Disney, Samsung, Dolby and Chase Bank.

Roz Savage

World Record Breaking Ocean Rower

TED Speaker and Coach

Roz is an English world record breaking ocean rower, environmental advocate, writer and TED speaker. She holds four Guinness World Records for ocean rowing, including first woman to row solo across three oceans: the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian. She is the author of Rowing the Atlantic: Lessons Learned On the Open Ocean.

Sofya Polyakov

The Noun Project

Formerly a Few Good Women

Sofya is the co-founder and CEO of The Noun Project - an online platform that allows anything to be communicated visually through symbols. In her role as CEO, Sofya has lead the company to think creatively about their business model, and to use open source licensing to build the world's visual language.

Women in Design

Designer Fund's Bridge & Dropbox

Heroine is inspired by Women in Design, a series of intimate SF based events that share the stories of top women leaders in design and tech such as Ash Huang, Elle Luna, Dana Cho, Kate Aronowitz, Jessica Hische, Liz Danzico, Sasha Lubomirksy and many more. Featured in Fast Company (2011, 2015), hundreds of women have gathered to hear the stories and wisdom – both personal and professional – of these creative women.

Maria Molfino

Host & Facilitator

Maria Molfino is a writer, women’s creative leadership coach, and lead host of the Heroine podcast. With a Masters in Design from Stanford, she has helped a range of women lead, from top managers at Facebook, Twitter, and IDEO to women looking to leave the sex trade in India. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Designer Fund, and Levoleague. Download her creative confidence playbook (free) for women.



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Collectively, the women on Heroine have been featured in Forbes, Tech Crunch, TED, Fast Company, Giga Om, The Wall Street Journal, Refinery 29, Creative Mornings, The Great Discontent, and many more media outlets.